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The central feature of CBT is that thoughts come before feelings. Therefore, negative thoughts create negative feelings and positive thoughts create positive feelings. You can see how negative thinking will only "feed" the relationships with problems. Thus, by helping people identify problematic relationships and the negative thinking that keeps these relationships alive, a powerful platform for making positive life changes is created. 

I have been practicing in Woodland Hills since 2003. I am a graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder, 1983, where I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. I obtained my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles in 1995. I am a Board Certified Professional Counselor through the American Psychotherapy Association. I also hold a vocational degree in music from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. I am the author ofMonster Relationships: Killing the Beasts that are Killing Your Relationships and was selected to be a contributing author to 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Vol 3, along with Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the … fame), Ken Blanchard, Les Brown, Bryon Katie and others.

My main influences are Michael White, David Epston, Deepak Chopra, Piero Ferrucci, David Burns, and Eckhart Tolle.

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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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I like to say, "There is no great without hard. And if you want to be great, the universe will supply the hard." I love the challenge of guiding people through their unique "hard" to find meaning that will allow "greatness" to be achieved. I have extensive experience in the areas of Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling, Addiction, Survivor's of Childhood Abuse, Problem Solving, Self Growth, Anxiety, Depression, Working with Teens, Parenting Education/Techniques and Blended Families. In addition, as a graduate of the Musicians Institute, Hollywood, CA, I am uniquely qualified to work with musicians, actors, and artists to break through creative blocks allowing a deeper expression of their artistry. I also work with Athletes at all levels regarding performance on and off the field. I am a performance coach for

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I have been given the great privilege and honor of joining an elite group of coaches, such as Dave Roberts, Manager of the LA Dodgers, and Sandy Alomar Jr., Coach with the Cleveland Indians, at YSPN360. com. As a Performance Coach, I will provide content on healthy parenting strategies. Check out my articles:

My approach is unique

My approach is unique in that I combine the ideals of Narrative Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to create a powerful process. From the Narrative perspective, it is our relationship with the problem that is the problem. Thus, the problematic relationship, not the person, is the problem. And because it is a relationship, the dynamics of the relationship can be changed. For example, many people have a relationship with fear. Fear may say, "Don't take a risk because you'll lose everything." 

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

 I would like to thank Dr. Stephen Johnson for having me as a presenter at the Men's Center of Los Angeles' 2017 Malibu Men's Retreat where I presented concepts from my book, Monster Relationships: Taming the Beasts that are Killing Your Relationships and my upcoming book, Tending the Garden: A Guide to Growing a Great Relationship.

Thoughts come before feelings

Rod Louden


         Rod Louden, Psychotherpist

Fear wants you to fail

Well, fear is a liar. Fear wants you to fail. Thus, it is the relationship with fear, and letting it influence ones journey through life, that is the problem. I help to change the dynamics of the relationship from negative to positive thereby liberating people from their problems (I also refer to problems as monsters, hence the title of my book Monster Relationships).