"A unique and imaginative book for anyone who has ever wondered why they have experienced so many failed relationships. It is also a rare opportunity to understand relationship counseling from the perspective of how Rod Louden would work in a therapeutic setting as your relationship Tour Guide. So, what are you waiting for? -- It doesn't get any easier than this." 

-- Richard Greene, Psy.D., Marriage and Family Therapist, Director, Abuse Prevention Associates. 

"Monster Relationships: Taming the Beasts that are Killing Your Relationships is inspiring and provocative. It makes you think! You are encouraged to visit places in your psyche that will test your commitment to yourself, and to your growth as a person. It doesn't promise you a magic wand. Instead, it shows you ways to achieve positive life changes that will help you create loving and lasting relationships." 

-- Brigitta Gregory, Ph.D., Life Coach and Teacher. Author, Get Your Relationships Right: Inside and Out. 

"Once I Started reading Monster Relationships, I couldn't put it down. It led me to answers that two years of therapy failed to produce. It was an incredible weekend of therapy that touched my heart and soul." 

--Deborah Green, Executive Assistant 

"Monster Relationships: Taming the Beasts that are Killing Your Relationships is an insightful look into the dynamics of how people enter into relationships--and why they fail to create a lasting one. Rod Louden has presented a new way to view oneself. His use of metaphors, personal experiences, and his unique writing style makes Monster Relationships an easy and enjoyable read. If you're looking to break away from your past and have the desire to create a new positive, and lasting relationship, Monster Relationships is a must read." 

-- Joe Lotta, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapist, Supervising Children's Social Worker, Los Angeles, California.


"Monster Relationships blew me away! I've read Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and other self-enlightenment books in an attempt to improve my life journey. While I enjoyed these writers, Rod Louden took it to an entirely new level. He took me on an amazing journey across what he calls the 'Emotional Desert.' Along the way, Mr. Louden gave me easy to understand metaphors, and helped me to focus on how to make positive changes in my life. I realized that the journey which he asked me to take with him was one that I was already on, but did not know how to put into words." 

-- Stephen Gomez, Youth Guidance Counselor   


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